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Instagram Storytelling

Instagram Storytelling

$30.00 USD

Are you not that good with creating interesting and cool Instagram Stories? Do you HATE creating Instagram stories? Do you draw a blank when it comes time to create a story?

Well, guess what? I can help with that!

I can create your stories for you! You pick how many days you want me to create one or two stories a day for you! I will then send them to you and you can schedule them or add them to your story whenever you want! OR, you can change your password and give me that new one so I can log in and post those stories for you so you don't have to do ANYTHING! Don't worry, you can change your password back after I am done with my hired time period!

You know I am always adding value so after your time period of my posting is over, I will send you the templates of the stories I used AND I will send you a video teaching you how to use them in Canva flawlessly! If I create a story that has a video, unfortunately, I cannot send a template of that. There is no way, sorry. 

You will also receive a complete video teaching you 10 of my top tips for Instagram Stories!

Once you purchase your package, you will receive an email with the next steps! 

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