Hey pretty lady 

Do you want to slay like our JF Models? Do you struggle with finding the right outfit? Do you not have time to search for the right outfit? Do you need styling for a photoshoot? Do you just not LIKE to shop? Well, look no further, get styled by me, the owner of Jenks Fashionique, Ikaneisha!

I have shopped for so many friends, family members and strangers. I have worked as a fashion retail manager for 3 years and a store manager at a particular lingerie brand for 3 years as well. While working in those 2 retailers, I had a gang of customers who came in just for me to shop with them! I am very honest, I know body shapes, latest and future trends and while in college for Fashion, I took numerous beneficial classes.

So, enough about my credentials! If you need an outfit for a special occasion, photoshoot, date night or just looking for something unique, I am your girl! Send an email to info@jenksfashionique.com with subject line: Style Me

In the email, please tell me your name, attach a picture of you, what you are looking for, when you need it, your favorite colors, colors you hate and your budget. If you have a discount code you would like to use, please inform me ahead of time. In order for me to complete my job efficiently and perfectly, you MUST contact me TWO WEEKS before you need the outfit.
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