Here at Jenks Fashionique we are blessed with an amazing group of beautiful, talented women that we are happy to call, Brand Ambassadors. Let's meet them!


Kandis: Social media enthusiast, Chicagoan, blogger and co founder of Fashion Forward. Follow her on IG @kandyreign_ and check out her blog Kandy Reign  




Lesley: Beautiful entrepreneur who is a lover of life and the President of Resume Makeover! Follow her on IG @lesleyonthetown1


 Nadine: The beautiful, makeup loving fashionista from South Africa who loves to empower women! Follow her on IG @nadinedaniels_


Jessica: Future influencer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Check out her amazing blog Fashion Heels the Soul and follow her on Instagram @fashionheelsthesoul


Beverly: Full time wife, mom, student and hard worker! She is a great friend of our founder who loves fashion and being different! Follow her on Instagram @tigga_1986


Tyronsa: This beautiful friend of our founder is not only a BOMB makeup artist in North Carolina but she is also helping women lose weight by sharing her personal experience on Facebook and Instagram! Follow her on Instagram @ms_plush or @cardiocuteness


Want to become a Jenks Fashionique Brand Ambassador? Visit this link! Jenks Fashionique Brand Ambassador

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