Dress Like A Mom!

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I am a thirty year old mother of one. I am a lover of all things fashion. I have worked in retail management for ten years. With all that being said, I have heard so many opinions and been asked so many questions about how I dress. What has always bothered me most is when people make statements about someone dressing their age or like a Mother.

I do not know if any of you watch Iyanla Fix My Life but when she had Laura Govan on her show, she made a statement that offended me and made me angry. She told Laura that she needed to come back the next morning dressed like someone's mother and not like a reality star in her heels. When I was pregnant, I got asked by someone close to me if I was going to start dressing more like a mom and it annoyed the ish out of me! 😡😐

So, my question is, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? 😡 How is a "mother" supposed to dress? 🤔

Are we not supposed to wear heels? Are we supposed to look frumpy? Are we supposed to look worried, stressed and disheveled?? Am I a bad mother because I like to look good, always in heels and I have my own style? I know plenty of women who are mothers that only wear tshirts, jeans, baggy clothing or yoga clothes. I am not that woman. Does that make them or me less than a good mom? No! People need to stop shaming mothers over their dress style. How a mother dresses has absolutely nothing to do with how she raises HER children! 

Next, when I turned twenty-five and thirty, I got asked by the same person if I was going to start dressing my age. 😐 How does a twenty-five and thirty year old dress? I already do not look my age. I get mistaken for a teenager all the time. This concept has always been lost upon me because other than an actual child, there are no age specifications in dress style. I am thirty and I will wear what I damn well please. That does not make me immature. 😋

My point ladies is if you wanna wear your heels to run errands and pick up your children, WEAR THEM! If you are a fifty year old DOPE dressing woman, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT! If you want to throw on some sneakers, distressed skinny jeans and an attitude tee at 65 years old, by all means, DO YOUR THANG! 🤗 Don't worry about what people think! Do you, no one else can do it better! Wear your confidence and wear it proudly!

If you are one of those people that has to criticize what a mother is wearing or make a statement about someone else's age appropriate attire, ask yourself why is it your business to begin with....🤔 This world would be such a better place if people minded their own business 😇 

So, have you ever been told that you need to dress a certain way because of your sex, age or being a parent?? Let's chat!🤳🏾

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  • Posted on by Xiara

    AGREED!! I’m a mother and I do not allow that to dictate my style. I am very much annoyed by “you don’t look like a mom” or “you don’t look like you had a baby”
    I know the latter is meant to be a compliment, but what is someone suppose to look like after a child.

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