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Imagine pulling up to a luxurious two-story brick home, yard filled with cars/trucks. You walk inside and immediately greeted by two pretty young black women standing behind this table

That was my first experience during my two days at the Boss Night Inn in Snellville, Georgia. Not too long ago, a page began following my business page on Instagram called Boss Night Inn. I looked through the page and was interested in these three women who were all about inspiring and motivating other black female entrepreneurs. After correspondence for a few weeks or so, I was invited to their first Boss Night Inn event. This event was for black female entrepreneurs who were looking to connect, network, fellowship and learn with other like minded women! Learning this, of course I said yes! I did not care that it was being held almost SEVEN hours away from me. I am from an area where there is more competition between black women rather than support and there are too many close-minded people. 


When I walked into that house, I instantly felt welcomed! The foyer was warm, inviting and there was a camerawoman recording every action! I was checked in, complimented on my Michelle O duffle bag and backpack. As I am walking with one of the "Soulmates" on my tour of the house, a tall slender beauty walks down the stairs and greets me with, "OMG! IKANEISHA!!! I have seen your stuff on Instagram! Welcome!" She was Coco-Chanel (YES, that is her real name) and she was one of the coordinators of this event. She hugged me and thanked me for driving so far and I informed her that I would not have missed this! It felt great to have been remembered from my Instagram! Continuing with the tour, I met the other two coordinators, Keema and Brittany. They too were welcoming and made me feel so important lol. Throughout the the kitchen and dining room, there were other ladies there getting henna tattoos by Crystal, drinking wine and talking, doing their nails at the nail station and snacking. 

The atmosphere throughout the house was not only warm but inspiring. Every mirror had something inspirational written on it and of course being women, we took numerous selfies!

The rest of the night was spent getting to know each other, eating and doing activities together to work on our minds and soul. We talked about our backgrounds, our affirmations (alot of the women loved mine btw), our goals and the power of positive thinking. We even had a wine tasting that was paired with some delicious pasta. The wine had been created by one of the prettiest and nicest women I have ever met, Nicole. She is a young, black entrepreneur whose wine will be launching this fall. It is called Unwined and each wine has a cute name fit for busy moms and busy women. I am not a drinker but I did enjoy the mango moscato that I tasted!

The pasta was cooked by another entrepreneur there named LaWarna who also prepared brunch for us the next day. When I say this woman can COOK! That is an understatement. The brunch she made for us the next afternoon was so delicious that there were NO leftovers, barely crumbs! Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my favorite breakfast foods is cheese grits. LaWarna prepared shrimp and cheese grits and they were hands down the creamiest most divine grits EVER! Of course I helped myself to two servings of that! I cannot wait til she gets that food truck up and running because every future trip I have to GA, I will be searching for her!

Anyway, after we finished all of that, it was close to 1 or 2am which in girl sleepover time, time to TURN UP and dance! Being that I had a very long drive back, I had to go get some sleep so I did not participate. Everyone knows that I LOVE to dance, that is how I met my husband! We danced together at a nightclub ten years ago! 

The next morning, we were all awakened by Coco-Chanel at 8am so that we could all go outside by the pool and workout with her which was the third prong of the Boss Night Inn: Body. Coco-Chanel is a fitness trainer. She showed us some moves and we did a few workouts to a few songs to get our hearts pumping and the sweat going! She was able to make it enjoyable even for the non morning people like myself.

The rest of the day was all about brunch. We had two vendors that were there, April with her natural body care line and Esther with her handmade jewelry from Africa which I HAD to purchase! We had a wonderful speaker named Tonya who spoke to us briefly who I totally connected with around her message and her backstory. 

Overall, I would say that this was an awesome experience that I would love to participate in again! I was able to meet some BOSS BLACK WOMEN who all started their businesses from the ground up. When I say businesses, I don't mean selling paparazzi jewelry, Avon or some other merchandise. (No shade to those who do that but that is not starting your own business, those brands are already established) I am talking about boss women from ages 21-55 who created something out of nothing and making MONEY! I am speaking about women who were stock brokers, in advertising and other corporate jobs who gave it all up so that they did not have to punch a clock, they stepped out on faith and became their own bosses! I met women who are opening art galleries, a reiki master/soul coach, a speech therapist with her own practice, a woman with her own inspirational faith based podcast for entrepreneurs, a bitcoin miner, a motivational speaker, a photographer, a singer and so much more! These are women who did not let negativity, self doubt or the naysayers stop them for going after what they wanted out of their lives! Not all of them are rolling in the dough, YET but they are all well on their way. I am so grateful to have met these women who have invited me to other events in GA that I will definitely be traveling to. Majority of them wanted to know why haven't I moved down there yet! I have been trying to for years but it has not been what God has wanted for me. I know that when the time is in HIS will, I will be where I am meant to be whether it is there or somewhere else. 

I invite all of you to find @bossnightinn on Instagram and follow! If you would like to know more about some of the other women I met so that you can connect with them, please let me know so that I can give out their Instagram handles! I met around twenty women, all with unique stories, businesses and able/ready to help other entrepreneurs!

Pictured: Brittany, Coco-Chanel, Keema and Me!


  • Posted on by Piffanie

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed; what an awesome experience it is always a pleasure to meet like-minded people, however, I would love to bring something like this to the area you are awesome continue to flourish.

  • Posted on by Khira Young

    This is so AMAZING! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself lady. Take me next time k?

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