What's Your Why?


I spend a ton of time on social media, especially Instagram and I was asked a question about how I stay motivated as a SBO (small business owner). Everyone has a different reason for being a SBO and everyone has a different "WHY." My "WHYs" are my main sources of motivation. 

 When I am asked WHY I do what I do, I tell them:

  1. I want to be financially independent
  2. I want to be the number one role model for my daughter
  3. I want to be my own boss
  4. I want to be an inspiration to others, showing that no matter how many times you fall down, it only matters that you got back up

On June 25th 2016, I married my husband. We flew out at 4am on the 26th to the Dominican Republic for an amazing honeymoon! We returned eight days later, happy and ready to take on the world as a married couple. A week after returning, I was let go from a job that I totally loved. I have a GREAT resume if I do say so myself. I have managerial retail experience, retail experience, training experience, administration experience and sales experience! It took me FOUR MONTHS to find another job and during those four months, I sank into a deep depression. My new marriage had hit a wall due to our finances taking a huge dive. We were missing almost four thousand dollars a month. The new job that I was able to get was not with a company that I would have chosen for myself but I was desperate for a paycheck. The district manager that hired me was transferred to another district literally TWO DAYS after I started. The new district manager that I had was racist. To make a long story short, I had to leave that job after three and a half months before I ended up going to jail for putting my hands on someone due to the amount of disrespect I was putting up with. That was February 9th 2017. On April 8th 2017, our home burned down! So here we are, newlyweds with a child, no home and me with no job. Talk about wanting to give up! I felt like a failure. I felt like there was no light at the end of this dark dreary tunnel. 

Starting this business while I was at one of the lowest points of my life, is my motivation. Whenever I have negative thoughts, wanting to give up or anything that is not positive, I remind myself that I have come too far to give up now. I have too many people who have watched this journey of mine, supported this journey of mine and I have to keep going! I almost gave up back in August of 2017 after being in business for one month because of the negativity and self doubt that galloped through my mind. 

So, do you have trouble staying motivated? Why? I suggest that you write down your WHYs. I suggest that you write down your affirmations or your 2 favorite bible verses. Post those things at your desk, in your favorite notebook, a post it note on your mirror, somewhere you can see it quickly or almost everyday. Whenever negativity or self doubt creeps up, you can swiftly remind yourself WHY you do what you do. You can remind yourself that you ARE able to reach your goals. 

Speaking of goals, how often do you set goals? Goals are another way to continue motivating yourself. My uncle taught me at a young age to not only set goals but to set goals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and five year. This gives me something to constantly work towards. Doing this makes me constantly strive to improve myself and be the best person I can for myself, my job, my business and my family! All of your goals don't have to be extensive and you don't have to have a ton of them! For example, two days ago, my goal for the day was to do something/helpful for three older people. After accomplishing that goal, I felt so good about myself! 

So, my challenge to you is, make a list of goals for your day, week, month, year and five year. Make a list of your WHYs. Make a list of affirmations: short positive messages you can repeat to yourself whenever you are feeling negative. It takes about thirty days to create a habit. After thirty days, see how much you have accomplished and how motivated you have stayed or become. Let me know on Instagram or the comments what you think or if this helped you at all!!!


  • Posted on by Christie

    My why is my motivation and my reason, my why is my children x

  • Posted on by Jackie

    Love this. My WHY is what keeps me going every day. ❤️

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