My Top 3 Must Follows!

I have known from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss. I put that to the side for years because I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do. The older I got and the more jobs I worked, the more I knew that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs I know get bored easily on a regular job, they are super creative, work best during weird hours and work better by themselves. That is me through and through! I do not do well with sticking to a schedule. I can work all day or not at all til nightfall and stay up til 6am!

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and run their own businesses. It is in my VEINS! Now, here I am, running my own business and trying to not only build Jenks Fashionique into a well known brand but myself as well! Alot of people want to be online business coaches, sell digital products, blog and become influencers. I am no different. I want to assist women in beginning their businesses, growing their social media and make money by using my influence!

Social media made it so easy to find multiple people who claim to be experts in these areas. I have checked out so many throughout the past two years and have come across 3 BOSS women who have taught me so much in growing my social media, selling and creating digital products and influence. If you are trying to do anything online that relates to this, continue on! 

3. Julie Solomon @julssolomon
Julie is the creator or Pitch It Perfect, The Influencer Podcast and her newest endeavor: Influencer Academy. 
I absolutely love Julie! I found her randomly on Facebook awhile back and signed up for her FREE WEBINAR about pitching to companies even if you don't have tons of followers on Instagram. I found her a little too early because at that time, I was concentrating on building Jenks Fashionique and not my personal brand. Now that I am concentrating on my personal brand, I replayed the webinar so that I could check my old notes and make new ones. In the webinar, she breaks down the dos and donts of your Instagram profile, the dos and donts when contacting a business and how she was able to land campaigns upwards of $25,000 and more! Her Instagram is also filled with advice and updates on her businesses. Pitch It Perfect is where she teaches wannabe influencers to successfully pitch. I have not joined Pitch It Perfect due to how much money has to be spent upfront. Once I have the extra money, I know I will end up joining! I have asked those who have used it and they have all recommended it!

2. Marina De Giovanni @marinadegiovanni
I actually discovered Marina back in 2016. I love hearing her speak because 
she is from Australia and her accent is amazing. I have watched so many of her videos, follow her on Instagram and purchased a few of her products. I joined her Facebook group for bloggers and that was the BEST decision I could have made for my business. I met so many women and made connections including meeting a few of my first brand ambassadors. The best thing about her is that no matter if yo
u speak to her on Instagram, Facebook or her Facebook group, she will answer you and actually hold a conversation! Her webinars are WHATS UP! She has taught me how to me become an influencer and what that means. She has taught me how to use Instagram for my advantage and how to quickly create online courses. Her Instagram is more of a personal one than business. I like that because I get to know the person behind the brand. At times though, I would like a few posts/highlights around influence instead of having to watch a webinar or sign up for a course. 

And the NUMBER ONE WOMAN you should be following on Instagram to help you grow your business is none other than:
The Queen, Cici, is an Instagram Marketing Strategist and with over 229,000 followers and already over $300,000 in gross sales this year, she deserves that title! I absolutely ADORE Cici. She is so real, raw and honest about her past and her present. I do not want to tell her whole story, go follow her to hear it all. She has been there and done that and can truly help you mastermind your brand and make BANK! On her Instagram page, she has motivational quotes, highlights that are all about building your empire, videos on assisting you with Instagram's newest features when they are released. She sells courses, offers free webinars and goes LIVE throughout the week just to teach those who are willing to learn!
My favorite thing about Cici is that while she may be selling her knowledge (which she should do), she is NOT EXPENSIVE! She understands that us newbies do not have the capital to spend so she keeps her prices fair. I have purchased a total of 7 bundles/products from her and they were all under $100! I got one bundle of 33 videos for ONLY $33!!! I have learned more from her in the past year than I ever learned in college. She doesn't claim to know everything and she confesses that she is still learning new things everyday which shows us that she is HUMAN and down to earth. Checking her IGTV, IG Stories and her page are a daily regime for me. She is constantly throwing FREE knowledge your way, all you have to do is catch it! So, if you are looking to BOSS UP, STICK WITH CICI!!!

I truly hope that you take my little advice on following these women. I have not made hundreds of thousands of dollars YET but with the help of these ladies, I will be there sooner than later. I also hope that you know that in order to become a successful entrepreneur and grow your brand, it is crucial to INVEST in yourself and in your business. These ladies may SELL but the knowledge they provide is priceless and you will make that money back when implementing what they have taught you. If you already follow these wonderful ladies or start following and learning from them, please let me know what you think down below or on Instagram! 
As a thank you, click here to get my first free ebook around the basics of building and launching your own website! Be sure to create an account or you will not receive the correct email for download.


  • Posted on by Christa

    I’d never heard of Cici—what a treasure trove of information. I just wanted to thank you for sharing the ladies you admire and learn from. I’ve added Cici to the list and already signed up for a live class she’s got tomorrow morning!

    Along with these three ladies, I also love Hilary Rushford—check her out when you get a chance!

  • Posted on by Helen Delvin

    Thank you! I am following Marina, but had no idea about the other two ladies! I also want to create online courses, so any info is very much appreciated!

  • Posted on by Shayla “Batmom85”

    Great post and great blog, I’ll have to follow the Queen she sounds amazing!

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