Down but Not Out


Depression is a real thing! It is not as simple as being sad or lying in bed all day. Depression affects everything especially those around you, your job and your overall well being. I have noticed that in the black community, depression seems to be a myth. We don’t seem to support those who are depressed. We don’t seem to acknowledge what they are going through. Instead, they get labeled as someone who doesn’t care, lazy or disobedient. 

As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety from a young age, I can tell you that it has been a hard road especially growing up in the black community. It was difficult to understand and take care of myself as a teenager and young adult in my early 20s. Now, as a 31 year old wife and mom who has become wiser, I have been able to take inventory of my past, present and future me and make decisions that allow me to care for myself mentally. In being able to do, I can get out from that low place quicker and easier. 

Lately, I admit that I have been in that low place. Being there has affected my business and social media. I have not felt like posting on any platform regardless of me telling myself that Instagram is crucial for my business. The depressed me did not care about the business I was losing. The depressed me did not care that I had professional inboxes and DMs. The depressed me did not care that I had people waiting on me for collaborations. In the past, when I was in this state of mind, it can last from a day to a month. Now, I am able to get myself up and motivated in a quicker manner after understanding my own mind. I speak briefly about some of the things I do in my e-book How I Found My Happy which can be purchased here.

  1. I realized that self care is my number ONE priority 
  2. I began making decisions based on my mental health
  3. I do not allow people in my space that are negative or bring about bad vibes
  4. I have conversations with God as if He right in front of me
  5. I am kind to myself, speak positively of myself and repeat my affirmations given to me
  6. I go outside and/or drive because being out in the sunlight is healthy
  7. I stopped comparing myself and do not follow any social media pages that makes me feel envious or fill me with self doubt

In doing these few things, I am able to make sure that I am mentally healthy and can pick myself up whenever I fall down into that low place. What are some things that you do whenever you feel down? I will be making more posts around mental health, self esteem as well as fashion! I believe that we must feel as good as we look! 


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